Process Serving

Legal Document Process Serving

Legal Document Process Serving

What is Process Serving?
We know that having your court documents / legal documents served is a very important part of the litigation process.

Process serving is the formal hand delivery of legal documents to a party or person in a legal matter. While hand delivery personally to the party or person is preferable, different Courts and Tribunals allow variations to the exact manner in which the documents are delivered.

Our experienced and qualified team ensure our service is carried out professionally, legally and on time.

Locating a Respondent
Sometimes serving documents is difficult when the subject person is being deliberately evasive.

If necessary, an investigator will wait and observe a subject’s address, make discreet inquiries and conduct database searches to learn more and track down the subject.

Alternatively, individuals who are facing a court appearance can often be difficult to locate, or become aggressive, abusive or physical.


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