Repossession Sydney

Repossession of Goods | Repossession of Property

Repossession of Goods | Repossession of Property

Whether it’s repossessing cars, vehicles, plant and equipment, or property, we have the expertise.


Our asset recovery services include investigating and recovering lost or stolen property for insurance companies, banking and finance sector, businesses and individuals.


  • Repossession - Prompt, professional and effective recovery of assets, vehicles, trucks, plant & equipment and property
  • Debt Collection - Effective recovery of outstanding arrears on delinquent accounts. By arrangement with customer or legal recovery action.
  • Field Calls - Visits to account holders. Detailed condition reports, establish intent, service of documentation.
  • Skip Tracing - Locate and establish whereabouts of persons or assets.
  • Searches - Comprehensive Government & Private sector electronic & manual database search system. Personal, Corporate, Property and Vehicle
  • Team - Experienced, qualified and insured agents
  • Communication - Regular client updates


Many repossessions are halted at the doorstep when the debtor pays the outstanding arrears.


In the event of non-payment, repossession is then carried out in a professional manner and in accordance with instructions from the client and in keeping with the various legislation including the ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines and privacy laws and principles.


Echo Investigations can deliver the best possible outcome for both the financier and the customer.

If you have a security which is either under Finance from you, or belongs to you and the initial contract has been broken.


Repossession Sydney

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