Surveillance Sydney

Sydney Surveillance Specialists

Sydney Surveillance Specialists

Echo Investigations Sydney offer a specialist surveillance team who provide a wholly unbiased body of evidence can be much more impactful in a court of law or civil claim.


Surveillance cases such as fraudulent benefit and insurance claims, employees theft, gathering evidence for anti-social behaviour and monitoring extra-marital affairs are all part of an investigator’s role, in getting to the truth of a situation for clients.


Photographic and video evidence of a partner, family member, business partner, employee or claimant can act as unequivocal proof when it’s most needed.


  • Cheating Partners
  • Corporate Surveillance
  • Employee Fraud
  • Child Custody Disputes

Surveillance for Insurance Fraud
Insurance-related surveillance is a major element of an investigators work. Professionally conducted surveillance is an invaluable tool in obtaining evidence for personal injury claims, internal fraud, theft and intellectual property matters.


Child Custody Disputes
Your child’s safety and well being are essential. We provide discreet surveillance to determine if existing court orders are being observed.


Echo Investigations work closely with our clients throughout the surveillance process, from identifying their objectives to providing regular updates on the progress of the investigation.


Sydney Surveillance Specialists

Echo Investigations specialise in affordable and discreet surveillance services. Hire a Private Surveillance Specialists in Sydney Today.

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